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It is difficult and very expensive to pop off to China just to enjoy the culinary delights of traditional Chinese cuisine.

But it is simple to visit the Athens suburb of Nea Smyrni and taste some of the most delicious dishes of this cuisine.

The Athens-based  KUNG FU PANDA Chinese Restaurant opened its doors in 2002 under the name LOU WAI LOU and was first renovated in 2011. In 2018 the restaurant welcomes its clients with the new brand and a fresh look. Run by Jenny, a petite dark-haired “slave-driver” who pushes her staff to the limit to ensure that the customer enjoys traditional mouthwatering gastronomic Chinese treasures and with prices that have been especially adjusted to the economic crisis in Greece, you will still have change left over after paying the very reasonable bill for the delicious meal.

KUNG FU PANDA is situated just a 15-minute drive from Syntagma Square and a 10-minute walk from the Agia Fotini Tram Station in Nea Smyrni and is a must stop for the many Chinese and other tourists after visiting the many famous tourist sites situated in and around the greater Attica region.